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The Diary of Anne Frank Taiwan Tour

A play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman

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April 13-15, 2018@

U-may Theatre

1914 Hua Shan , TAIPEI

May 19-20, 2018 @



Produced by BUTTERFLY EFFECT THEATRE CO. In cooperation with Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, AIT, 1914 Hua Shan Cultural Center,  the Ben Feng Foundation, and ICRT

Education in Taiwan

We call on Taiwanese authorities...to initiate educational programs which would introduce the meaning of the holocaust and teach its history and universal meaning.

 Israeli Representative to Taiwan, Asher Yarden, Dec 2016

             駐      台北以色列經濟文化辦事處 亞旭

About The Show


In 1943, in order to avoid arrest and deportation by the occupying Nazis, the Jewish Frank family, Ann, her parents, Otto and Edith, and her older sister, Margo, went into hiding in a secret annex above Otto's office in Amsterdam. Anne had recently been given a diary for her thirteenth birthday. For the 25 months that the Franks lived in the annex with four other desperate Jews, the introspective and talented Anne kept her diary. Tragically, they were all discovered by the Nazis and deported to the Nazi death camps where all but Anne's father, Otto, perished during the waning days of the Third Reich. Returning to Amsterdam after the Nazis were defeated, Frank was given the diary which had been retrieved by a Dutch friend who had been instrumental in helping the Franks to hide.


With the approval of Otto Frank, the outstanding American novelist Meyer Levin (Compulsion), who had brought the diary to the attention of its American publisher (and reviewed it for the N.Y. Times Book Review) wrote an adaptation for the stage. When producer Kermit Bloomgarden showed the play to the controversial Lillian Hellman, she pronounced Levin's adaptation to be "too Jewish", and convinced Otto Frank to dismiss Levin. Hellman further convinced Frank to hire her Hollywood friends, married and successful screenwriter partners Goodrich and Hackett, to write a more "universal" adaptation. Aside from their screenwriting credit (there were several screenwriters, credited and uncredited, involved) for It's a Wonderful Life, the Hacketts were strictly purveyors of light comedy and musical screenplays, and never wrote any other successful play. The Hacketts closely hewed to the structure and events of Levin's adaptation, removing any mention of Anne's pride in her Jewish heritage and of her fears that her talents would go unrecognized because of hostility to her identity.

在取得Otto Frank的認可下,美國出版社出版的美國小說家Meyer Levin將其日記帶到美國並取得出版商的注意並試圖改編成戲劇演出的版本。當製作人Kermit Bloomgarden向Lillian Hellman展示時,他宣稱Levin的版本”太猶太”,並說服了Otto Frank解雇了Levin。Hellman進一步說服Frank弗聘請她的好萊塢朋友,成功的編劇合作夥伴Goodrich和Hackett,編寫一個更“普遍”的版本。他們的寫作成就有幾個電影劇本作品,Hacketts是輕喜劇和音樂劇的編劇,但卻從來沒有寫過任何其他成功的劇場劇本。Hacketts改寫了Levin版本的結構和故事事件,沒有提到安妮對她的身為猶太的該有的驕傲,以及她對自己的才能還有對自己身份的懷疑及恐懼。

A well constructed, moving and spiritually uplifting feel-good play which catered to the need for reassurance and cosseting by its 1950s post-war audience, the Hacketts' adaptation was warmly received. However, it is considered factually and emotionally dishonest.

Hacketts的版本,受到了1950年代戰後觀眾的滿足和滿足的需要,精神上令人振奮及感覺良好的版本。 但事實上和情緒上卻是不真實的。

For the 1997 Broadway revival, new adapter Wendy Kesselman set out to redress the Hacketts' criticisms and incorporate newly available information on Anne, previously withheld from even the Diary publication. This is the version which Butterfly Effect is presenting. It reduces the phony feel-good aspects introduced by the Hacketts', and is to be commended for its heightened realism and power.

對於1997年百老匯復興, Wendy Kesselman開始修正Hackett對安妮的脫俗化,並將新的資訊寫入,甚至從日記出版物中參考。 而這是蝴蝶效應劇團所要呈現的版本。 減少了Hacketts引入的虛假感覺的正向方面,並且有高度的現實及集權的展現。


The Diary of Anne Frank

Thirteen actors share the stage in this powerful and authentic portrait of a young girl clinging to hope in a time of tragedy.



Directed by Brook Hall, this production will provide a visceral insight into the realities of life in the “secret annex,” in which the tight quarters and forced intimacy...a reminder of the danger just outside--

由Brook Hall執導,整部製作會呈現真實地”密室”生活,由緊密的四周及被迫的依靠…無時無客提醒著你危險就在外頭--

Critical Reception


This stellar cast breathes new life into this classic play... a clear winner-- Taipei Times
A powerful new version that moves the audience to gasp, then tears--  Associated Press
One of the Year's Ten Best--                                             Time Magazine

Creative Team


Playwright 劇作家

Wendy Kesselman made a name for herself at the Actors Theater of Louisville in Kentucky. She won the 1981 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, for My Sister in this House. Her other works include:

Wendy Kesselman在肯塔基州路易斯維爾的Actors劇院中為自己贏得名聲。 在1981因My Sister in this House贏得Susan Smith Blackburn Prize。 她的其他作品包括:

  • Becca, 1977
  • Maggie Magalita,1987
  • Merry-Go-Round, 1981
  • I Love You, I Love You Not, 1982
  • The Juniper Tree, 1982
  • Cinderella In A Mirror, 1987
  • The Griffin, And The Minor Cannon, 1988
  • A Tale Of Two Cities, 1992
  • The Butcher's Daughter, 1993
  • The Last Bridge, 2002
  • The Notebook, 2004
  • The Black Monk, 2008

Director 導演

Brook Hall has directed/produced more than 25  shows.  As a freelance talent in Taiwan, he is responsible for the Asian premiere of the musical Anything Goes (with four Broadway Guest Artists) at the Taiwan National Theatre in 2010 and again at Taiwan International Trade Center in 2011.  He also produced and directed Smokey Joes Cafe in the Nan Hai Center in 2009 and Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Hua Shan Cultural Center in 2013.  Other shows in Taiwan include Tuesdays With Morrie, Wait Until Dark, Title of Show, as well as several other films, dances, events, and productions.

Brook Hall已經指導/製作了25多場演出。 作為台灣的自由工作者,他於2010年在台灣國家劇院擔任亞洲首演音樂會(有四位百老匯表演者為嘉賓),並於2011年在台灣國際貿易中心演出。他還製作並指導了 Smokey Joes Cafe2009年在南海中心,Hedwig和華山文化中心的and the Angry Inch。台灣的其他節目包括Tuesdays With MorrieWait Until DarkTitle of Show,以及其他幾個電影,舞蹈,事件, 和製作。

Creative Team 創意團隊

Set Designer Chih Yi Yang  graduated from Ecole Superiere de Arts et Techniques in Paris with a double major in Interior Architecture and Scenography, and she currently works as a freelance designer for several performance and exhibition spaces as well as interior design projects.  Her previous designs for Butterfly Effect Theatre Company include: Ives Shorts, Wait Until Dark, and God of Carnage.

設計師Chih Yi Yang畢業於巴黎的Ecole Superiere de Arts et Techniques,擁有建築與空間設計兩個專業,目前擔任多個表演和展覽空間以及空間設計項目的自由設計師。她以前蝴蝶效應劇的設計包括:: Ives Shorts, Wait Until Dark, and God of Carnage.

Co-Costume Designer Jenna Robinette has been working with director Brook Hall for many productions following the success of the musical Hedwig and The Angry Inch in 2013.  An active freelance designer since 2007, Jenna has dressed fire dancers, musicians, brides, drag queens, and extraordinary real life characters in custom garments under her label Rice Society.  Currently, you can find her working as the stylist for the sisters of MeiMeiWaWa Multimedia

服裝設計師Jenna Robinette自從2007年音樂HedwigThe Angry Inch成功之後,他一直與導演Brook Hall合作,進行了許多作品的演出。自2007年以來,一位活躍的自由設計師,珍娜設計的服裝有火舞舞蹈家,音樂家,新娘,變裝皇后,以及他的自有品牌Rice Society 。目前,您可以找到她為MeiMeiWaWa Multimedia姐妹的造型師。

Co-Costume Designer Rebecca Miller, She has enjoyed living in Taiwan since leaving Chicago in 2011. She has done theatrical costuming for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," David Ives's "All in the Timing," Bertolt Brecht's "A Man's a Man," and a collection of plays by Samuel Beckett. Rebecca also worked as the costume designer, wardrobe mistress, and props mistress for the 2012 film "Mordy to the Max."

Rebecca Miller,成長於美國芝加哥,2011年起在台灣居住,她非常享受在台灣的生活。Rebecca是一名專業的「劇場服裝設計師」,她設計過的作品有”洛基恐怖秀”;大衛·艾夫斯的“All In The Timing”以及多部薩繆爾·貝克特的舞台劇。在2012年電影“Mordy to Max”裡,Rebecca 擔任道具以及服裝設計師。 她很榮幸能夠和「蝴蝶效應劇團」優秀的團隊合作。

Sound Designer Anton Botes  has been the resident composer and sound designer at Butterfly Effect Theatre Company since 2015, where he has composed and designed for Tuesdays With Morrie, and his original score for Wait Until Dark was met with critical acclaim.  Anton is active making music for movies, video games, websites, and other media productions.  He has his own studio near Hsinchu.

聲音設計師Anton Botes2015年以來一直擔任蝴蝶效應合作作曲家和聲音設計,他設計了 Tuesdays With Morrie的聲音以及他原創Wait Until Dark 得到了極高的評價。安東正積極為電影,電玩遊戲,網站和其他媒體製作音樂。他在新竹有自己的工作室。

Lighting Designer Zheng-Da Xie works in Taiwan and abroad, working with over 30 local theatre and event companies.  He is the founder of Blue Wind International Co. Ltd., a professional technical stage services company.

燈光設計師Zheng-Da Xie是台灣和國外的專業燈光設計師,與30多家本地劇院和活動公司合作。他是Blue Wind International Co. Ltd一家專業的舞台技術公司創人

The Actors演員


a "color-blind" mix of races adds to the

universality of the story

Company Profile


Mission Statement

Since 2013, Butterfly Effect Theatre Co. has been the hub of English language theatre in Taipei. It brings together people from Taiwan and all over the world to produce exciting, relevant theatre, serving as both a platform for local talent and as a showcase for the best of international theatre. Butterfly Effect Theatre Co.is a non-profit company sanctioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government.

有關【蝴蝶效應劇團】劇團自2013年起作為台北英文劇場的埠口,讓台灣與世界的人才聚在一起製作有趣的演出,提供給當地才一個自我展現的舞台,同時也展示世界最頂尖的戲劇作品。 【蝴蝶效應劇團】是由台北市文化局認證的非營利組織。

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