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Brook Hall


After a lifetime training performers, Brook Hall turned his attention to executive leaders and startup founders in 2016. He has led workshops and mentored many startups for Asia's largest mobile-only startup acclelerator, MOX, designing compelling pitches that positively influenced buy-in. He has given many spoken presentations in Taiwan and China (Taipei, KaohSiung, Beijing, Macau, ShenYang), including at the innovation LAB at Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Hua Shan 1914 Culture Park.

The design-hub Xue Xue Institute invited him to give an exclusive Petcha Kucha-style talk and he has spoken at the TedX event for Tung Hai University.

He has also spoken at the request of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei and served as an Organizer for Chamber of Commerce Industry France and Taiwan (CCIFT) Events. Further partnerships include the the Taiwan Trade offices of Australia and Israel. He also served as a consultant for Forward Taiwan, a National immigration and Economic Government Task Force and as an advisor to the Asia Designer Communication Platform ADP- an international cross-spectrum design association in Asia. Recently, he has given leadership and group-building workshops in Vienna, Austria at the Maturaschule Dr. Roland Roland and Vienna's English Theatre Academy.

He has given hundreds of workshops on collaboration and presentation skills to performers, CEOs, founders, and anyone who needs skills to engage, inform, and inspire others—and improve his or her ability to work in a successful collaborative environment.


We offer bespoke fun group activities for the workplace which are designed to establish more efficient Teamwork within your group. Our events help participants Eliminate the Fear of Public Speaking as well as develop skills your members or employees need in order to be successful.


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